Social Enterprise

 We develop social enterprises that solve key environmental and social issues delivering positive outcomes within the region of Northern Queensland!

We envision a world where each individual is given the opportunity to enjoy optimum health and quality of life and encouraged to discover and nuture their unique talents and abilities. We beleive that every individual can have a meaningful contribution within their community.

Skills and Training

By establishing employment training projects encouraging workforce participation for people experiencing disadvantage our initiatives empower individuals with skills needed for future employment.

Social Impact

Working in a team environment and engaging in meaningful and positive social interactions builds optimism, hope, confidence and self-empowerment.

The Blue economy


Our initiatives foster the development of ecologically sound models


that create sustainable solutions using the principles of the Blue Economy


whilst empowering people with skills and experience leading to


positive engagement and employment outcomes.

The Blue Economy is an innovative model for sustainable development which aims to meet our basic human needs by using locally available resources to solve social and environmental problems.

Six Principles of the Blue Economy



use what you have


substitute something with nothing


mimic nature


optimize & generate multiple cash flows


satisfy all basic needs


create change, seize opportunities


Sustainable Communities

Blue Hand Sustainable Solutions is a part of the Transition Towns Network. Our social enterprises are helping to develop Sustainable Communities

A sustainable community continues to thrive from generation to generation because it has:

A healthy and diverse ecological system that continually performs life sustaining functions and provides other resources for humans and other species
A healthy and diverse economy that adapts to change, provides long-term security to residents, and recognizes social and ecological limits. Source: Sustainable Community Roundtable
A social foundation that provides for the health of all community members, respects cultural diversity, is equitable in its actions, and considers the needs of future generations

Our first social enterprise initiative Blue Hand Steam provides a safe and chemical free weed control solution for councils, farmers and landcare groups, improving public safety and protecting the natural environment with a key focus being the preservation of water quality entering the Great Barrier Reef.

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